Johnny: Oh... Hello... (next frame) My name is Johnny, but you can call me "nny" for short. And who might you be?
Squee: *squee*
Johnny: Squee, huh? Well, okay. I don't mean to intrude, Squee, but where do you keep the bactine? Some of this blood is mine.

Johnny: Excuse me, there's something wrong with the brainfreezy machine.
Attendent: Nothing's wrong. We turn them off after 2 a.m.
Johnny: Oh. (next frame) Then that's it. No stopping it now. I'm going to kill myself. . . Yes.

this is later, after Nny kills the clerk and realizes there is no bullet left for himself . . . he is raging in agony when he spots:
Johnny: Oh wow!! Fiz-wiz!! Cherry fiz-wiz!! I didn't know they had fiz-wiz!! Wheee-hee!!

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