And the chorus swells!
(Sidenote: Thank you, Ludwig.)

Devi: Nny? Nny, what are you doing?
Johnny Immortalizing the moment.

Johnny: It's so entirely obvious--I'm being manipulated by some nameless demon scourge from beyond our plane of existance. It spoke to me in my own voice, letting me believe I was hearing my own conscious. I was losing sight of my own reasons, so I was weak. It just took over, and I let it happen. Shit. That's not good. I've relinquished control of my insanity.

[webpage-author's note: heh heh.. oh wait, not funny is it?!?! Actually kind of deep isn't it??? Yeah, all you anti-goth people who are on this page trying to prove your point now know that this comic is not all about mindless violence.]

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