Issue #1

"This was the first one, as those bright ones in the crowd can tell by the issue number!! Before this book, I had only done JTHM as a single page strip, so this was where I first ventured into the daunting realm of carrying on a little story over multiple pages. It's as close to an introduction to NNY as I wanted to get. There isn't any real insight as to just where this messed up guy is coming from, how he got here, and why he's so spotty in the head, and I like it that way. Too often, insane people have these hideously contrived origins having to due [sic] with having a traumatic childhood, or people treated them badly so now they must get revenge. I've never given much thought to Johnny's past, and find the blurriness of it all much more appealing then [sic] making him go nuts over being pantsed in school once. 'YAAAARGH!! I have been pantsed!! I kill the damned now!!' That's just not done. Squee is introduced here mainly for the effect of having some cute little kid live next door to a homicidal maniac, and being all to aware of it. This issue is filled mainly with self contained shorter stories, as I was just getting used to the longer narrative approach, so it's a very good general introduction to the character, with this exception of NOODLE BOY, which just jumps right into NOODLE BOY style crap. I'm not a big fan of the artwork here, but it was early so I forgive me. I do remember liking how much I disliked the title of the book, as I knew some people would check it out thinking it would be a simple bloodbook, and this early on it was often just that. But I pretty much knew where the book would eventually go." --- JV
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