Issue #2

"The most important thing that happens in this issues is that NNY gets his little ass kicked by "the one that got away," Devi. I really didn't plan on having the girl be Devi, whom I had intended to be a one time character from the MEANWHILE comic I did for that issue, but I thought it would be amusing to have this same girl go straight into another lousy date. I am in love with the idea of jerks feeling some trauma from people they've hurt, and I REEALLY love the idea of someone used to sitting high up on their pedestal, violently judging others, getting destroyed as a result of being wrong more than just a few times. I never intend to have NNY be above what he simply is, and he is a badly wired person. I should have him get damaged much more. It was fun to draw. This issue was also host to the famous "SHIT IN PANTS" MEANWHILE. I can only say that this idea came out of a very dizzyheaded late night conversation with my good friend, Leah England (whose picture, by the way, is in the center of the cover painting). By now, I had a better sense of the story, so Mr.Eff, Psychodoughboy, and the Nailbunny begin playing a bigger part in everything. NNY uses a gun on someone in this issue, which bugs me. I don't like me for doing that. Bad me! BAAAD ME!! Oh yes, this issue was as close to romantic as I would allow. I think I failed, which, I think, works." -- JV
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