Issue #3

"This one has the cover painting I like the most. I was using the blue paint for this cover frequently at the time. I loved that color. If you stare deeply enough into this black and white reproduction of the cover, maybe you can magically see the color. Go on, try it. Okay, now, about the issue. As far as I'm concerned, this is the one that most closely adheres to the preconceptions one would get from hearing the title of the book, which was a purposeful effort. I wanted for this issue to be as manic as anything, full of explosions, mass murder, screaming idiots, and graphic depictions of brain removal. The cafe, and the area around it was inspired by several walks downtown on the main little congregating strip. There's nothing more digusting than suburban vermin asking for change and trying to bum a smoke. Really, one need not go far outside one's door to find reasons to write about obliterating people. S'fun!!! WHEEEEE!!!! umm...anyhow. This issue introduces Tess. I remember wanting to name characters after record labels just for the stupid fun of it, but only got as far as Tess, and Cleopatra. Tess is an amalgamation of several girls I've know [sic] unfortunate enough to be jerk magnets. I couldn't stand seeing these people being terrorized by the lowest forms of the male race, and not DOING anything about it. It was the "BUT I LOVE HIM" syndrome, I suppose. I wanted to write about a nice girl just waking up from being a little wretch. The chicken screwing MEANWHILE in this issue was the effect of me itching to draw more monsters and aliens. The idea of highly technological MORONS just made me giggle. I am giggling now. hee hee." --- JV
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