Issue #5

"My ever mounting compulsion to draw monsters won out and was quite apparent in this issue, with the presence of a many-tentacled human sewage beast that escapes Johnny's wall, and the killer pinatas that beat up the little girl in the MEANWHILE. The idea of doing an entire isue without NNY was on my mind for awhile, so extending the series to 7 issues gave me the chance to do it. Tess wakes up, finally, from her life under jerks, with the brutal destruction of her boyfriend Dillon. YAY! She spends the rest of the issue escaping the house with yet another idiot, who you just knew was going to get killed. I liked writing Tess's wiseass dialogue, as she seemed one of the few decent individuals in the entire series. I also loved revealing more of the mystical gobbledygook that I had thought of for the wall creature and the doughboys. Anne Gwish steps in for the first time, and pretty much disgusts anyone with a brain. I thought of her as being a character in Johnny's world, that actually played no part in the storyline. I'm afraid of the different reasons people have for liking her character. The MEANWHILE in this issue was special for the fact that I began using my computer to color the pages, giving it a cleaner, prettier look than the previous installments. People were confused by the story though, as they couldn't quite see what was supposed to be funny about it. They felt it was more disturbing than anything, what with the pinatas coming to avenge the brutal beating the little girl had inflicted upon her brother. So it's disturbing!! YAAAY!!! Why shouldn't it be? There's more to humor than just laugh out loud, piss in your pants kind of material. I'm not saying that pinatas beating the hell out of a toddler is subtle, brain comedy. Anyhow, the inspiration for the killer pinatas came from an idea about deadly forest pinatas by David James. I get asked about the wall creature sometimes. 'WHAT THE HELL WAS IT SUPPOSED TO BE?' they ask. I usually just point out that there are other improbable things to note about the book, and that reason is not something to be found in it, and then I raise my arms and fly away. I like Grape Nuts." --- JV
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