Issue #6

"So I'm standing there naked, right, and all I'm thinking is, 'Could this possibly be happening?!' and almost as if she had read my mind, she says . . . . Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be writing about the book, aren't I? Sorry. Ah, yes, issue six. I enjoyed doing this issue more than most, as it was nothign more than a stupid, nonsense filled little book. I was in a very escapist mindset, and I was in no mood to do anything that could be misinterpreted as a MESSAGE, so I did this issue with absurd fun in mind, and you just CAN'T have fun without floating, legless angel bunnies. This has some of my favorite artwork in it, too ( and when I say favorite, I mean I didn't burn the issue when I first saw it) although it's my least favorite cover painting. My affection for exploding people shows through here, as does my interest in afterlife theories. There are MANY supernatural creatures in this one, and that's probably a good part of why I enjoyed drawing it so much, what with multiple satans, that freakish little GOD, and the pets I have in the MEANWHILE. The question of whether or not Johnny actually died and visited heaven and hell is one I get asked a lot. Now, I know dying and coming back to life is a much used convention in stories, going back to prehistoric days (remember Jesus? Osiris? Elvis?) I don't think much of it, other than it was a vehicle for me to draw the devil and other fun little guys for this issue. And, of course, as NNY explains. It's all considered, for the most part, a moot point, as after waking up from ANY sleep, NNY doubt's [sic] how real ANYTHING is. And, yes, the idea that it was ALL A DREAM is an even more frequently abused convention, but let's not be so anal, yes? The MEANWHILE here is a personal favorite, what with my revealing the truth about my life for all those strange people who seem to want to know about it. This one was inspired by actual events in my life, and no embellishing was done whatsoever. I'm getting tired of writing these synopsis thingies." --- JV
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