Issue #7

"The end of the first series. This one's special for the fact that it marked the beginning of my collaboration with SATAN!!! Oh, forget I told you that. Moving on... It feels more like a beginning than an ending to me, as Johnny begins his mission to cast off emotion and live more like little Mr. Samsa. Part of this is due to NNY's own self loathing accentuated by a visit from JIMMY, a wannabe homicidal maniac. OH....I LIKED writing Jimmy. Jimmy was stupid. So very stupid. A little Burger Boy, whose named I never mentioned (It's Reverend MEAT, by the way) becomes a new voice in NNY's world, in the absence of the now silent Doughboys. MEAT battles for the forces of FEELING, no matter how filthy, in opposition of NNY's search for cold. Devi returns, now very resentful, and hostile towards what kept her in hiding. I wanted to distinguish Devi from Tess, whom, having had a similar past with people, reacted in a far more well-balanced way. Devi, on the other hand....well....she has some issues. Ann [sic] Gwish pops in again, revealing even more of how shallow she can get. My idea of her is as the most physically attractive of any of my other creatures, a features that only frames more distinctly how HORRIBLE a person she is inside. You know the type. I started the series with SQUEE and I ended this part of it with him. Lord, if I don't love torturing the idea of what is cute. Now, I don't usually do this, but I was laughing out loud doing the MEANWHILE for this issue. It's the juvenile reflex action while drawing a nightmarishly stupid looking guy, with a grotesquely misshapen head, and idiotic walrus tusk-like fangs. I'm big on the theme "be careful what you wish for", and this is just another example, as the vampire jerk turns into the silliest vampire I could come up with that night. I went to sleep giggling. Speaking of the Olympics, I've always wanted to see an Olympics just for death row criminals in which they were all eliminated during endurance tests. The winners of these contests would get to die last. I mean, if you just HAVE to die, you should at least get some fun out of it. Think of it, a weightlifting contest where they just keep adding weights until this guys [sic] spine explodes. Those TV execs don't return my calls though." --- JV
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