cover art by Susie, based on characters by Jhonen Vasquez

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is a comic book written and drawn by Jhonen Vasquez. This site is dedicated solely to the JtHM series. The series consists of seven full comics and a bunch of little one-pagers that appeared in magazines (thank God for the Director's Cut, bless you Jhonen). I'm having a difficult time finding any kind of chronology as to the publications (I may actually have to *gasp* venture to other websites rather than just thumbing through my books), but the foreward to the Director's Cut was written in 1997...... so they must come before that.

Why Did I Make This JTHM Site?

Believe it or not, there is a reason that I started making this site other than boredom.

I just recently started getting into JTHM (well okay, this site is a couple of years old, so not so recently), and I was on the net surfing for sites when I realized that almost every site was black with red text that I couldn't even read on my WebTV (when I had WebTV). I decided that Jhonen, having made the character Anne Gwish, would want something that was not reeking trendy goth to immortalize his Nny, so I decided to make this modest little fan page. I kept the black and white theme that the comics have. Enjoy!

(No part of this is reproduced legally. I just thought I would add that in case any of you were wondering.) --- the management

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