JTHM Profiles

There are many characters in the JTHM series, but only a few of them are so complex that Jhonen Vasquez actually profiled them in JTHM: The Director's Cut. Here are the profiles as given by Jhonen, plus a little information I've gathered from the comic itself.

---the management


Johnny C.
a.k.a. Nny

height: 5'9''
weight: 115 lbs.
(more with change in pockets)

Likes: stars, the emotionless function of insects, watching people getting abducted by aliens, Cherry FizWiz, Cherry Brain-Freezies, all kinds of movies, the moon, little chubby babies, Pop Rocks and Soda, drawing Happy Noodle Boy

Dislikes: humidity, sleep, the physical and mental need for ANYTHING, being abducted by aliens, people who've "GOTTA HAVE A SMOKE!", certain words, losing his mind, Satan's attitude, getting shot in the head, drawing Happy Noodle Boy

Background Info: not much is known about Johnny's history. All we do know is that his parents were killed by an evil man, thus setting the course for Nny's life as a masked crime fighter. Or, perhaps not. At present, Nny is more his own enemy than any external mind could be, what with the decomposure of what may have been, at one time, a fine, intelligent mind. Johnny is, possibly, more hideously mentally malformed than the people he seems to think have ruined his world. He's not a loser, he's simply lost.

Webpage Author's Notes: Johnny is mentally disturbed, but the entire comic is satiric in nature. One moment, he is lamenting his personality and considering suicide, and the next he is laughing hysterically over a television commercial. Johnny may commit acts of violence, but one must remember that they are not random acts of violence; he, in short, kills the assholes of the world. Johnny has a very good grasp on human nature--"people are ignorant little thorns, cutting into one another." This, I find, is very true--so how crazy is Johnny, really? One must wonder. Tess came to realize this; she made the comment that she was "escaping a house full of assholes so I can live in a world where they're not in chains." On that note, I will leave you to think about what you've learned.

D-boy and Mr.Eff

Psycho-doughboy and Mr. Fuck

Mr. Fuck
a.k.a. Mr.Eff

a.k.a. D-boy

(made of styrofoam) (made of styrofoam)
Likes: John Wu movies, absolute and total insane violence, smiles that make people nervous, the sound of hearts beating, when Johnny lets him drive, seeing vital things from inside a person come out, the paint job Nny did on him, fast electronic music. Likes: knowing that everything ends eventually, when lights turn off, Zhang Yimou movies, when little kids drop their ice cream and jump off buildings in a fit of despair, when anything won't come back [?], stupid teens and their affection for suicide.
Dislikes: Psychodoughboy, depression, the sound of people sleeping, nugat, caring much about anything for more than 30 seconds, people in bad moods, when the popcorn gets burned. Dislikes: Mr.Eff, the sound of people sleeping, wasting pain on anyone but yourself, Broadway showtunes, when Johnny looks hopeful, being conscious, not being a refrigerator and really messing up the ozone layer.
Background Info: Originally part of a display stand for some yummy pastries, Mr.Eff became host to one of Johnny's internal voices. As Nailbunny was the only thing resembling an angel on Nny's shoulder, the two doughboys became a fractured version of the devil, both horrible in their own way, Eff's emphasis being on the enjoyment of Nny's growing insanity, and other things profane. Eff has a bit of a Pinocchio complex about him, as he would like to be able to exist on his own. Background Info: Older than Mr.Eff by a couple of years, his discovery was the same. Despite having the word "fuck" painted on him, D-Boy was infused with the voice of rabid despair and doom. Much stronger during Nny's depressions, doughboy actually works to throw him over the edge and do away with himself altogether. Not interested in Eff's desire to be "real," D-Boy simply wishes to stop being.
Webpage Author's Notes: D-Boy and Eff are indeed two of Johnny's "voices," but they end up being more than that. It was as Johnny said--Nny himself was being manipulated by a demon beyond his plane of existance, and the doughboys were the tools of this demon. The demon let Nny believe he was hearing his own conscience from the styrofoam doughboys, who are both opposite and eerily alike. They work against one another, one mutinous and one devoted and weary, but they are both using Nny.


a.k.a. spooky floating bunny head

height: 6 inches (with body)
weight: 6 oz. (including nail)

Likes: floating around, when Johnny wasn't a glibbering lunatic, nature shows on the Discovery Channel, scenes in Disney movies where the people die

Dislikes: being the lone voice of reason in Nny's head, the doughboys, hammers, when spiders nest inside of him, screams of the innocent.

Background Info: Nailbunny was a happy little bunny, born in a little cage in a pet store one night. He was very warm and nuzzly with his big, soft mommy rabbit. One day, a funny looking giant who looked like he didn't eat enough came in and made a smily face at the bunny. Soon, the bunny was snatched away from his sleeping mother, and whisked off into the amazing giant world. At first it was scary, but soon bunny overcame the fear and thought of what a wonderful world it was. Just then, the giant pinned him to a wall and slammed a nail through his guts. the end.

Webpage Author's Notes: Nailbunny is, as J.V. says, the lone voice of reason in Johnny's head. He is the lone voice not controlled by the creature that Nny is feeding. He is completely a part of Nny, and this part is either the self-loving part, or more likely, the self-preserving part of him. Nailbunny keeps Nny from killing himself on a few occasions, but when Nny dies, Nailbunny dies as well.


Devi D.
a.k.a. the one that got away

height: 5'9''
weight: 120
(more with all the bottles of mace she carries now

Likes: films by Terry Gilliam, and Mike Leigh, stars, ghost stories, painting, driving with the stereo on loud, reading, meeting guys who aren't criminally insane

Dislikes: people writing like Lovecraft who aren't Lovecraft, not liking girls enough to give up on guys, shitty dates (literally), people who think they know ANYTHING about religion, being attacked with really sharp things

Background Info: When Devi's not attempting another doomed social outing, she paints, or just reads anything that doesn't try to re-create reality. Her childhood was reality enough to suit her. Her history with men is not the best, but did not reach a frightening low until she went out with Johnny C. Before that, they had pleasant conversations, about anything in particular, at the bookstore she works at. His attempt on her life did not strike her as very romantic.

Webpage Author's Notes: If Devi were a real person, I'd have to say that she was just in the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time; however, she is a character in a comic book so I'm going to try to make some observations. Devi is Nny's love interest at last--and it would not be what I call "good cinema" (when I'm watching movies, that is) to kill her off. So she gets away--maybe Johnny is not trying as hard as usual, because she's not an "asshole" like the others, maybe she's just really spirited. In either case, she gets away, which further proves that, since she repeatedly was denied assistance by the police, Nny is not likely to get caught.


a.k.a. Todd

Height: squee sized
Weight: less than a cheeseburger

Likes: his bear Shmee, when the insane neighbor man does not tell him bedtime stories, writing stories, when daddy's not yelling, when mommy remembers his name.

Dislikes: when Shmee tells him to burn the house down, when aliens stare at him, the sick sounds coming from next door, the kids at school, the ever impending threat of Armageddon, TV shows by Saban

Background Info: More commonly referred to as Squee, little Todd acquired that nickname due to the high pitched squeaking sound he makes when he is afraid, which is quite often. His only real confidant is his teddy bear, Shmee, whose advice is heard only by Squee. He has taken to creative writing when not being yelled at in school or at home. His favorite times are when he forgets that the world is full of bug-eyed monstrosities, and the knife wielding maniacs. Those times are very infrequent.


Tess R.
a.k.a. Tess

Height: 5'4''
Weight: 115 lbs
(doesn't like her butt)

Likes: Steven Soderbergh movies, live music, watching boyfriends get ripped apart and becoming ex-boyfriends, how she looks in glasses, lizards

Dislikes: having the universe disappear around you, the thought of TRYING to fit in, frequent moments of weakness, poor judge of character, knowing all of the previous dislikes firsthand.

Background Info: Tess's family moved around a lot, making it difficult to make friends with people. Even now, that she's far stable, as far as living somewhere goes, she still has that feeling of having to have friends around and quickly, which usually results in keeping not the best of company. The idea of having someone around was far more appealing than being alone. Tess is a little lost when not seeing herself in the context of others, but knows this is a problem. She's been working on it, and can now go two full days without needing to call one of her shitty friends.

Webpage Author's Notes: Tess is proof that Johnny is more than just a raving psychopath. She is the one who speaks of the world's assholes not being "in chains." Tess's character makes Johnny's seemingly random killing make a little more sense, and in return, Johnny actually affords her some help with her character, inadvertantly.

anne gwish

Anne Gwish
a.k.a. bitch

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 115 lbs
(with makeup)

Likes: talking shit about other people, hanging out in clubs only to ignore everyone, dancing the same dances everyone else does, you if you're in a band, social smoking, being herself as long as it looks good and people are watching

Dislikes: people talking shit about her, when people don't acknowledge her in clubs, people who just don't know how to do their makeup, when ugly guys ask her out

Background Info: Anne's background is a bit of a mystery, as she is fairly new to this are [?], and not much is known about her life before arriving. Someone once found her high school yearbook and found out that she was a cheerleader!! Oh, my GOD! A cheerleader! I'm not lying. And you know her friend Cleo? Well, she told me not to tell anybody, but remember that bassist from Dark Goiter she was seeing? Well, Anne went to go see him backstage one night, and found him all over that fat chick who plays keyboard in BLAH BLAH BLAH

Webpage Author's Notes: Anne Gwish is the perfect example of what Nny hates--its not a mistake that her name so resembles "anguish." She's trendy goth. She's only the way she is because she thinks it's cool--Jhonen is poking a bit of fun at the very audience he's targeting . . . What a cool guy.

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